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English beneficiary widget landing page

English new Medicare card widgets for beneficiaries

If you’d like to use our English widgets for beneficiaries, be sure that wherever you’re using them accepts rich text format. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the widget you want to use.
  2. Copy it.
  3. Paste the widget where you want it, making sure to select “rich text format” or “paste with formatting” to keep the image and its embedded link.

If you’re having trouble or the URL isn’t copying with the image, there may be a problem with your browser. Try using Internet Explorer.

April 2018 beneficiary widget 150x120          April 2018 beneficiary widget 180x150           April 2018 beneficiary widget 300x125

April 2018 beneficiary widget 728x90

April 2018 beneficiary widget 160x600