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Proxy NDC Reassignment on the Formulary Reference NDC File for CY 2007 Formulary Submissions

Please see the attached Formulary Reference NDC files from Aaron Eaton, Acting Director, Division of Finance and Operations in the Center for Beneficiary Choices.

In response to comments regarding the usability of the Formulary Reference NDC File, we have updated the existing file to reduce the proportion of obsolete and repackager NDCs while trying to maintain a high level of compatibility with the data systems used to create your formularies. Attached are two files, the first of which is the existing Formulary Reference NDC File with reassigned proxy NDCs where applicable. For your convenience, we are also including a file containing only those drugs that had a reassigned proxy NDC along with a crosswalk to the original proxy NDCs (posted 3/1/06). Please note that there were no other modifications to the content or structure of the Formulary Reference NDC File nor have the instructions for its use changed. An update to include drug additions or deletions to the Formulary Reference NDC File will be posted 3/24/06.

The attachments accompanying this notice will be available for download within the Formulary Module in HPMS and on the following page:

Any questions regarding the Formulary Reference NDC File should be directed to Aaron Eaton ( at 410-786-2058 or Kady Flannery ( at 410-786-6722.

Thank you.