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Healthy Aging Month – Discuss Preventive Services with your Patients
Healthy Aging Month

September is Healthy Aging® Month, a national health observance designed to focus on the positive aspects of growing older. CMS encourages health care professionals to talk with their patients about adopting a healthy lifestyle, utilizing appropriate Medicare-covered preventive services. Medicare provides payment for many services that support healthy living, and therefore contribute to a higher quality of life that can – in turn – reduce health care costs now and in the future.

Some of the preventive services covered under Medicare Part B include:

  • Alcohol Misuse Screening and Behavioral counseling Intervention in Primary Care
  • Annual Wellness Visit (Providing Personalized Prevention Plan Services)
  • Cancer Screenings (Colorectal, Breast, Prostate, Cervical/Vaginal)
  • Cardiovascular Disease Screening
  • Depression Screening in Adults
  • Diabetes Screening Tests
  • Diabetes Self-Management Training
  • Glaucoma Screening
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Screening
  • Immunizations (Seasonal Influenza, Pneumococcal, and Hepatitis B)
  • Initial Preventive Physical Examination (IPPE) (also commonly referred to as the “Welcome to Medicare” Preventive Visit)
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (for certain beneficiaries with diabetes or renal disease)
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) Screening and High-Intensity Behavioral Counseling (HIBC) to prevent STIs
  • Tobacco-Use Cessation Counseling

For More Information:

A list of preventive services covered by Medicare Part B can be found at Quick Reference Information: Preventive Services.