Internet-based PECOS

Note: Providers and suppliers must have Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher and have the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader before initiating an enrollment action using Internet-based PECOS.

The Internet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (Internet-based PECOS) can be used in lieu of the Medicare enrollment application (i.e., paper CMS-855) to:

  • Submit an initial Medicare enrollment application
  • View or change your enrollment information
  • Track your enrollment application through the web submission process
  • Add or change a reassignment of benefits
  • Submit changes to existing Medicare enrollment information
  • Reactivate an existing enrollment record
  • Withdraw from the Medicare Program
  • Submit a Change of Ownership (CHOW) of the Medicare-enrolled provider

Advantages of Internet-based PECOS

  • Faster than paper-based enrollment (45 day processing time in most cases, vs. 60 days for paper)
  • Tailored application process means you only supply information relevant to YOUR application
  • Gives you more control over your enrollment information, including reassignments
  • Easy to check and update your information for accuracy
  • Less staff time and administrative costs to complete and submit enrollment to Medicare

Using Internet-based PECOS Is Easy!

Before initiating an enrollment action using Internet-based PECOS, you should review the applicable "Basics of Internet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS)" Fact Sheet(s) listed in the Downloads and Links section below.


Individual Physicians and Non-Physician Practitioners

Physicians and non-physician practitioners may access Internet-based PECOS by using the User IDs and passwords that they established when they applied on-line to the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) for their National Provider Identifiers (NPIs). If they did not establish User IDs and passwords at that time (for example, they may have submitted paper NPI applications to the NPI Enumerator and had no reason to establish User IDs and passwords), they may do so now by going to the NPPES hyperlink listed below and following the directions on the screens. If they have forgotten their User IDs or passwords, or otherwise need assistance in this regard, they may contact the NPI Enumerator at 1-800-465-3203 or

1. Log onto Internet-based PECOS with your NPPES User ID and password.
Click on "PECOS" in the "Related Links Outside CMS" section below.

2. Complete, review, and submit an electronic enrollment application.
Internet-based PECOS will walk you through the application process and supply you with a 2-page Certification Statement for each enrollment application you submit.

3. Mail the original signed Certification Statement from Internet-based PECOS and supporting documents to the Medicare contractor within 15 days of your electronic submission.
The effective date of filing an enrollment application is the date the Medicare contractor receives the signed and dated (blue ink recommended) Certification Statement. Note: A Medicare contractor will not process an Internet enrollment application without the signed and dated Certification Statement.

Organizational Providers and Suppliers

Obtaining access to Internet-based PECOS by organizational providers and suppliers (e.g., professional associations, professional corporations, limited liability corporations) involves several steps, and the first step must be taken by the Authorized Official (AO) of the DMEPOS supplier.

Need PECOS Assistance? 

Located in the "Downloads" section below are a number of webinars, examples and MLN articles aimed towards helping individuals and organizations enroll via Internet-based PECOS. 

Also included in the "Downloads" section is the document "Who Should I call? - CMS Provider Enrollment Assistance Guide". This matrix will help users identify which CMS organization to contact regarding situations they are encountering while using Internet-based PECOS. Included at the bottom of this document is a contact list for each CMS organization noted within the matrix. 

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