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Utilizing the US Bureau of the Census’ (Census Bureau) American FactFinder Database when making a Rural Area Location Determination
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Additional guidance is provided on determining rural location for hospital swing bed & Rural Health Clinic (RHC) eligibility: •A hospital seeking swing bed status or a clinic seeking RHC certification must be located outside an area delineated as “urbanized” by the Census Bureau. •The Census Bureau has transitioned to a NEW American FactFinder. Detailed instructions and screenshots are provided on utilizing the NEW American FactFinder when making rural determination. •NEW American FactFinder will not use 2010 census data to determine whether a specific address is located in an urbanized area or urban cluster until the fall of CY 2012. However, if an applicant has obtained a written communication from the Census Bureau that a specific address is either non-urbanized or in an urban cluster, the RO must accept that information in making a rural determination. This applies even if the written communication contradicts the American FactFinder data.