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Life Safety Code (LSC) Short Form Survey for Nursing Homes – Limited Option
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• LSC Survey Focus: In FY2013 and FY2014 we undertake the dual challenge of (a) responding to resource limitations, and (b) enforcing the August 13, 2013 requirement that all nursing homes be fully sprinklered. The fire safety record of nursing homes has improved due to the installation of automatic sprinkler systems, and should continue to improve as more nursing homes complete full installation of sprinkler systems. • Efficiency and Effectiveness: Increasing survey efficiency will enable CMS and States to best maintain public protections while meeting these challenges. • State Option: We will permit States - at State option - to implement a Short Form Fire Safety Survey for a limited number of specified facilities that have demonstrated superior compliance with life safety code requirements and are fully sprinklered. • Training: States using the Short Form life safety code survey process must ensure that surveyors participate in a prior special training event.