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2014 Final Report & 2015 Expansion Project – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Focused Dementia Care Survey Pilot
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Final Report: Attached is a final report that outlines the basis for the Focused Dementia Care Survey Pilot, the process utilized, conclusions gathered based upon post-pilot data analysis, as well as next steps for the future. Expansion of Focused Dementia Care Survey Efforts: The CMS plans to expand upon the work of the focused survey pilot and has invited States to conduct such surveys in FY2015 on a voluntary basis. The expansion project will involve a more intensive, targeted effort to improve surveyor effectiveness in citing poor dementia care and the overutilization of antipsychotic medications, and broaden the opportunities for quality improvement among providers. Deficiency Implications: Deficient practices noted during the surveys will result in relevant citations. In the event that additional care concerns are identified during on-site reviews, those concerns will be investigated during the survey or will be referred to the SA as a complaint for further review.