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Clinical Decision Support Mechanisms

A qualified CDSM must meet the requirements under section 1834(q)(3)(B) of the Social Security Act. Section 1834(q)(3)(C) of the Act specifies that the Secretary must publish an initial list of specified mechanisms, and that the Secretary must identify on an annual basis the list of specified qualified CDSMs. The CY 2017 PFS Final Rule established requirements and processes for specification of qualified clinical decision support mechanisms (CDSMs) under the Medicare AUC program (42 CFR sections 414.94(g)(1) and 414.94(g)(2)).

For applicants seeking CDSM qualification in CY 2017, applications must document current adherence to the qualified CDSM requirements under §414.94(g)(1) or, if unable to document current adherence, how and when each requirement is reasonably expected to be met. CMS has not provided an application template.

As noted in §414.94(g)(2), for applicants seeking CDSM qualification or preliminary qualification in CY 2017, applications are due March 1, 2017 and the list of qualified CDSMs will be posted to this website by June 30, 2017. Applications must be submitted to by March 1, 2017.