Data Analysis

NOTICE: The EDUCATIONAL AND OPERATIONS TESTING PERIOD for the AUC Program has been extended beyond CY 2021. There are no payment consequences associated with the AUC program during the Educational and Operations Testing Period. We encourage stakeholders to use this period to learn, test and prepare for the AUC program. The payment penalty phase will begin on the later of January 1, 2023 or the January 1 that follows the declared end of the public health emergency (PHE) for COVID-19. For more information please review the CY 2022 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule: (pages 65224 - 65241)

During the CY 2017 Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) rulemaking cycle, the following data were made available to stakeholders to inform their review of priority clinical area proposals. The first list of priority clinical areas was established in the CY 2017 PFS final rule.

Medicare Claims Data Methodology and Background (PDF)

CMS engaged the MITRE Corporation (MITRE), which is a CMS Alliance to Modernize Healthcare (CAMH) Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) contractor, to begin developing efficient and effective processes for managing current and future health technology assessments. MITRE generated an independent report that presents a summary of findings from 2014 Medicare claims data and utilization of advanced imaging procedures.

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