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Current Status

What's the current status of the ESRD QIP?

The End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Incentive Program (ESRD QIP) is a multi-year project. The ESRD QIP establishes incentives for dialysis facilities serving the ESRD population to meet performance standards established by CMS. The quality measures are improved every year via rulemaking. Facility evaluation and payment reductions in a given payment year (PY) are based on performance during a prior year.

Here’s a snapshot of what is currently happening in the ESRD QIP:

  • PY 2018 payment reductions are being applied, as applicable
  • CMS is compiling PY 2019 data based on how facilities performed throughout calendar year 2017
  • PY 2019 Preview Period for facilities begins in mid-July 2018 for 30 calendar days
  • PY 2019 scores and payment reductions will be published in mid-December 2018
  • PY 2019 Performance Score Certificates will be available in mid-December 2018
  • PY 2020 Performance Period is underway (began January 1, 2018, and runs throughout the calendar year)
  • Rulemaking for future payment years will take place throughout 2018

An info-graphic that shows ESRD QIP milestones by PY is available in the "Downloads" section, below.


Questions about Where Things Stand?

If this website does not answer your question, email CMS at If this website does not answer your question, please refer to the ESRD QIP page of page of and the frequently asked questions available in the Question and Answer (Q&A) tool. Any additional questions can be submitted through the ESRD Q&A tool.