How ESRD QIP Affects Patients

I'm a Medicare beneficiary. How does the ESRD QIP affect me?

The ESRD QIP is designed to provide better care to patients with ESRD. CMS will pay your facility based on the care that it provides to you. It is possible that your facility will receive a payment reduction if it does not perform well enough. You will not be impacted financially by the ESRD QIP. 

You can use the ESRD QIP to see how your facility's performance under the ESRD QIP compares to the performance of facilities nationwide in the same program. CMS requires facilities to post certificates describing how they performed on the ESRD QIP. You can also find this information on Dialysis Facility Compare, available for free at  You can ask your facility about its ESRD QIP scores, including its Total Performance Score.  This information can be used as one tool among many when making choices about your care.  It is important to note that the ESRD QIP is not the sole method for evaluating quality care at a facility; you should consider other factors as well.

ESRD Fact Sheets 

Below are fact sheets that explain several elements of care important to patients on dialysis, which are measured within the ESRD QIP. Learn more about how focusing on ESRD QIP topics can improve care for patients on hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

ESRD QIP Frequently Asked Questions

Read more about how the ESRD QIP affects you in the "Frequently Asked Questions" document below. If you have any questions about the ESRD QIP that are not answered by this website, please contact us at 1-800-MEDICARE or You can also email CMS policy experts at

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