How ESRD QIP Affects Dialysis Facilities

I work for a dialysis facility. How does the ESRD QIP affect me?

The ESRD QIP is designed to provide better care to patients with ESRD. CMS will pay your facility based on the care that it provides to your patients. Each year, CMS publishes a rule explaining what how it will evaluate your facility. Each facility is scored based on individual measures outlined in this rule. If your facility does not score high enough, it may receive a payment reduction.

Please use our website to familiarize yourself with an overview of the ESRD QIP. To better understand what is required of your facility, read the rule published for each payment year of the program. Also, look through our Educational Resources page for an index of presentations, fact sheets, and other material, all indexed by payment year.

If you have any questions about the ESRD QIP that are not answered by this website, please email CMS at

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