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MMS Blueprint

CMS Measures Management System Blueprint (Blueprint v 13.0)

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The Blueprint is divided into six sections:

Section 1—Introduction— covers information on CMS quality measure development process, the measures management system, how to use the Blueprint, and how to submit recommendations for changes to the Blueprint.

Section 2—The Measure Lifecycle—describes the procedural steps necessary to develop and maintain a measure.

Section 3—In-Depth Topics—provides detailed information on numerous important measure management topics, such as quality strategies, and prioritization and planning.

Section 4— Forms and Templates —contains all the forms and templates referenced in the Blueprint.

Section 5—Glossary and Acronyms—contains a glossary and a list of acronyms used in the Blueprint.

Section 6—Appendices—contains all the appendices referenced in the Blueprint.

The Blueprint is designed primarily as an electronic document with navigation bookmarks and internal and external hyperlinks. Any text formatted in blue represents an internal or external hyperlink. Resources and required forms (as appropriate) are referenced throughout the Blueprint and these and key terms are linked to their appropriate glossary entries.

For additional information, you can download the CMS MMS Webinar Blueprint 101 –Introduction to CMS Measures Management presentation slides found on the CMS MMS Resource – webinars and presentations page.

Significant Changes in Version 13.0, May 2017

The MMS Blueprint Version 13.0 included significant changes to previous versions of the Blueprint and incorporated almost 1,000 diverse comments and suggestions from measure developer reviewers. The more significant changes included:

  • Version 13.0 of the Blueprint integrated information for both clinical quality measures (CQMs) and electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs)
  • Added three new chapters to section 3: Introduction to Electronic Clinical Quality Measures; eCQM Standards and Tools; and Values, Value Sets, and the Value Set Authority Center
  • Refined language for the Business Case Development Section and Template and the Technical Expert Panels (TEP)
  • Added new content to Person and Family Engagement (chapter 13) and Composite Measure Technical Specifications (chapter 21)
  • Changed language with respect to socioeconomic status according to recommendations based on the recent ASPE Report to Congress

Please see the Blueprint v13.0: Appendix K– Summary of Changes to Blueprint for an overview of all changes by chapters.