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Currently Accepting Comments

Public Comment Page: Currently Accepting Comments

This page serves as the designated site for CMS to solicit public comments on proposed quality measures.

Instructions for Providing Comments:

  • If you are providing comments on behalf of an organization, include the organization’s name and your contact information
  • If you are commenting as an individual, submit identifying or contact information
  • Please indicate which measure(s) you are commenting on
  • You may submit general comments on the entire set of measures or you may provide comments specific to individual measures
  • Do not include personal health information in your comments. Your comments may be shared publicly.

List of Currently Accepting Comments: 

Project Title: Development and Reevaluation of Outpatient Outcome Measures for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System


The Call for Public Comment period opens on April 24, 2019 and closes on May 24, 2019.

Project Overview:

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has contracted with Yale New Haven Health Services Corporation/Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation (CORE) to develop and reevaluate outcome measures for ambulatory care for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). The measures will be used to assess the quality of care provided by clinicians or clinician groups who are eligible to participate under MIPS. The contract name is Measure & Instrument Development and Support (MIDS): Development, Reevaluation, and Implementation of Outpatient Outcome/Efficiency Measures. The contract number is HHSM-500-2013-13018I.

As part of this project, CORE is developing a measure of acute admissions for patients with multiple chronic conditions (MCCs). Specifically, CORE adapted for MIPS a measure of acute, unplanned hospital admissions for MCC patients that CMS currently reports for Medicare Accountable Care Organizations. The re-specified measure for MIPS will assess each eligible clinician or clinician group’s admission rate relative to that of other MIPS participating clinicians or clinician groups with similar patients. The quality measure scores will be calculated using patient characteristics and outcomes documented on routinely submitted Medicare claims; therefore, the MIPS eligible clinicians or clinician groups whose performance will be assessed by the quality measures will not need to submit any additional data directly to CMS.

As part of its measure development process, CMS invites interested parties to comment on the measure.

Project Objectives:

The primary goal of this project is to gather expert and stakeholder input to inform quality measure development and reevaluation for patients with acute or chronic conditions. CMS will use the measures to evaluate the quality of care provided by MIPS eligible clinicians. 

Documents and Measures for Comment:

The following documents are provided for your review and comment. The files are found below in the Download section.

  1. Measure Methodology Report for Public Comment: Clinician and Clinician Group Risk-standardized Hospital Admission Rates for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions,” which presents the approach to measure development, measure specifications, and results of measure testing. A supplementary Microsoft Excel file accompanies the report and lists the codes for measure specification.
  2. “Technical Expert Panel (TEP) Summary Report,” which summarizes the feedback and recommendations provided by the TEP regarding the measure.
  3. “Clarification of Measure Attribution,” which provides additional information on measure attribution in response to stakeholder questions.  

Project Specific Instructions:

Comments may be submitted electronically:

  • CMS encourages you to submit comments electronically on the measure under development.
    • If you are providing comments on behalf of an organization, please include the organization’s name and your contact information.
    • If you are commenting as an individual, please submit identifying or contact information.
  • Send your comments to 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on May 24, 2019.
    • Any attachments should be in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF format.
    • Please do not include personal health information (for example, date of birth, social security number, health insurance claim number) in your comment.
  • At the end of the public comment period, all public comments will be posted on this website.

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