Pre-Rulemaking (MUC)

Pre-Rulemaking (Measures Under Consideration)

As part of the CMS Pre-Rulemaking process for programs under Section 3014 of the Affordable Care Act, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) must annually issue a Measures under Consideration List (PDF)(MUC List) by December 1. Developers submit measures for CMS to consider including in certain CMS programs as required under ACA.

Early in each calendar year, through a call for quality and efficiency measures, CMS begins the annual pre-rulemaking cycle of collecting and compiling the MUC list. Usually from February through May, stakeholders are invited to submit proposed quality and efficiency measures. Stakeholders submitting measures include CMS, other Federal HHS agencies, organizations contracted with these federal agencies, and healthcare advocacy and professional groups.

Following submission, the pre-rulemaking process includes review and clearance of candidate measures within CMS and DHHS, and provides the opportunity for multi-stakeholder groups to offer input to HHS on the selection of quality and efficiency measures. The National Quality Forum (NQF), the entity with a contract under Section 1890 of the Affordable Care Act, convenes the Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) in December of each year to review and comment on the measures proposed on the annual MUC list. The MAP consists of three main workgroups including: Clinicians, Post-Acute Care/Long-Term Care, and Hospitals. Annually, the MAP workgroups and the Coordinating Committee meet to provide program-specific recommendations to HHS by February 1.

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