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Public Comments

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A public comment is when a person or organization provides written feedback to a measure developer or a federal agency, such as CMS, to share insights on measures in development, under consideration, proposed for adoption, or under maintenance.

What Is the Measure Developer’s Role?

The measure developer posts on the Measures Management System (MMS) website a request for public comment. It is an opportunity for the widest array of interested parties to share critical perspectives not previously considered by the measure developer or their Technical Expert Panel (TEP). This ensures balanced input from relevant stakeholders and interested parties. 

This request usually occurs when measures are under development or undergoing maintenance. A measure developer will:

  • Encourage stakeholders and stakeholder groups to submit general comments or comments specific to certain measures,
  • Publish to the MMS website all public comments and a public comment summary report once the comment period ends, and
  • Make changes to the measure based on feedback or indicate why they did not make updates.

Where Else Can People Comment on Measures?

Proposed Measures for Adoption

Many CMS programs must use the rulemaking process to formally propose and finalize measures. The public may comment on proposed new measures and measures proposed to continue in a CMS program. Proposed and final rules are posted on the Federal Register. Sign up to receive notification alerts from CMS.   

Updates to Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs)

The ONC Project Tracking System (Jira) provides the opportunity for public comments on electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) in use. The measure developer may choose to include the comments as part of the Change Review Process and contribute to changes in eCQMs during the Annual Update. Visit the eCQM Issue Tracker for more information.

As part of the eCQM Annual Update, measure developers post draft updated measures to Jira and request public comment. Measure developers distribute these requests for public comment via multiple email lists and post to the Electronic Clinical Quality Improvement (eCQI) Resource Center.



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