Related CMS Sites

Related CMS Sites

Additional Quality Resources

There is an abundance of information available related to measure development and CMS quality measures and initiatives.  On this page you will find a selected list of sites that provide more detail on different types of measures.  Included are links to CMS Quality Initiatives/Patient Assessment Instruments, links on the Medicare site that provide information on the quality of care at different providers, and links to programs managed by other organizations that are committed to improving the quality, safety, and value of care.

CMS Quality Websites and Resources

  • Quality Measures: General information about quality measures and how they are collected and reported. Also covered is an overview of the Medication Measures Special Innovation Project, which aims to develop measures for use in improving the quality of healthcare delivery to Medicare beneficiaries.
  • CMS Quality Measures Inventory: Description of the CMS Measures Inventory, including links to benchmarking databases used for finding sources of comparative results for HHS quality measures.
  • Federal Pre-Rulemaking Process: The federal pre-rule making process is required for selecting quality and efficiency measures to be used by HHS. Included is a description of this process, links to educational materials, results of past measure reviews, as well as the most recent list of Measures Under Consideration.
  • Core Measure Collaborative: Description of the Core Quality Measure Collaborative and its mission to promote alignment and harmonization of measure use and collection across public and private sectors. Links are provided to the seven core measure sets.
  • Electronic Clinical Quality Improvement Resource Center: The eCQI Resource Center is a joint effort to bring together stakeholders from across the eCQI community and provide a centralized location for news, information, tools, and standards related to eCQI and electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs)

Compare Sites

The following sites include comparison information about healthcare facilities and providers across the entire United States.

  1. Dialysis Facility Compare
  2. Home Health Compare
  3. Hospital Compare
  4. Nursing Home Compare
  5. Physician Compare
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