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Technical Expert Panels: Currently Accepting Nominations

This page serves as the designated site that is used to solicit nominations for technical expert panel members for CMS measure development and maintenance contractors.   Individuals with expertise in the relevant fields including clinicians, statisticians, quality improvement, methodologists, and pertinent measure developers, as well as consumers, are encouraged to submit nominations.  Person and family membership on TEPs is a very important part of the measure development process. TEP members are chosen to provide input to the measure contractor based on their personal experience and training. It is critical to the success that TEP members represent a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds.

TEPs Accepting Nominations: 


Project Title: Cross-setting Technical Expert Panel (TEP) for the Maintenance and Development of Vaccination-Related Items and Measures for the Long-Term Care Hospital (LTCH), Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility (IRF), Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)/Nursing Home (NH), and Home Health (HH) Settings


The Technical Expert Panel nomination period opens on September 10, 2021 and has been extended to October 19, 2021 at 5PM EST. Submit all nomination materials by the closing date.

Project Overview:

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has contracted with Acumen, LLC and Abt Associates Inc. (hereafter referred to as Acumen and Abt) to develop quality and cost measures for use in the Post-Acute Care (PAC) Quality Reporting Program (QRP) and Nursing Home Compare as mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010 and the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation (IMPACT) Act of 2014. Acumen’s contract name is “Quality Measure & Assessment Instrument Development & Maintenance & QRP Support for the Long Term Care Hospital, Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility, Skilled Nursing Facility, Quality Reporting Programs, & Nursing Home Compare.” The contract number is 75FCMC18D0015, Task Order 75FCMC19F0003. Abt’s contract name is “Home Health and Hospice Quality Reporting Program Quality Measures and Assessment Instruments Development, Modification and Maintenance, & Quality Reporting Program Oversight Support.” The contract number is 75FCMC18D0014, Task Order 75FCMC19F0001. 

As part of its measure development process, Acumen and Abt convene groups of stakeholders and experts who contribute direction and input during measure development and maintenance. This TEP’s purpose is to provide input to Acumen and Abt on the maintenance and development of vaccination-related items and measures for the IRF, LTCH, and SNF/ NH, and HH settings. Holding a TEP allows Acumen and Abt to leverage the members’ experience, which increases the clinical and face validity of the measures. The TEP’s input will be used to guide improvements and additions to the existing assessment instruments and to inform the development of cross-setting assessment-based patient/resident-level vaccination measures.

Project Objectives:

Acumen and Abt support CMS in the development of quality and cost measures for use in the IRF, LTCH, SNF, and HH QRPs and the Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI). These measures fall into several domains including hospitalizations, patient safety, healthcare-associated infections, and function, to name a few, and are designed to improve care quality and to enable Medicare beneficiaries to make informed choices when selecting a healthcare provider. Over the last decade, CMS has introduced measures addressing vaccinations, a dimension of care that is especially relevant to each of the PAC settings. CMS is now investigating the potential for developing a COVID-19 vaccination measure. 

To ensure existing and newly-developed measures meet CMS program requirements and goals while maintaining high levels of scientific acceptability, Acumen and Abt are convening a TEP. Acumen and Abt will assemble a panel of stakeholders from a broad base of expertise (e.g., clinical, policy and program, measure development, technical, etc.) and solicit their input regarding vaccination-related items and measures, with a special focus on developing a COVID-19 vaccination measure. 

Seeking the Following Perspectives/Expertise:

A TEP of approximately 8-15 individuals will provide guidance on important concepts related to the maintenance and development of vaccination-related items and measures in the IRF, LTCH, SNF/NH, and HH settings. TEP attendees must collectively represent expertise in all settings. Specifically, the TEP will aid in the review and identification of potential improvements to the existing vaccination measures and development of a COVID resident/patient-level measure for each setting, as appropriate. The TEP will consist of individuals with differing areas of expertise and perspectives, including the following:

  • Clinical Experts with expertise in the IRF, LTCH, SNF/NH, and HH settings, including medical doctors and nurses;
  • Other subject matter experts in the IRF, LTCH, SNF/NH, and HH settings;
  • Clinicians with expertise using the assessment tools and/or assessing vaccination status. The following assessment tools are included: 
    •     LTCH: LTCH Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (CARE) Date Set (LCDS)
    •     IRF: IRF-Patient Assessment Instrument (PAI)
    •     SNF/NH: Minimum Data Set (MDS)
    •     HH: Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS);  
  • Quality Improvement Specialists; and
  • Measure development experts.

Guiding Principles:

Participation as a TEP member is voluntary and the participant’s input will be recorded in the meeting minutes, which will be summarized in a report that may be disclosed to the public. If a participant has chosen to disclose private, personal data, then related material and communications are not deemed to be covered by patient-provider confidentiality. Acumen and Abt will answer any questions about confidentiality.

All potential TEP members must disclose any significant financial interest or other relationships that may influence their perceptions or judgment. It is unethical to conceal (or fail to disclose) conflicts of interest. However, the disclosure requirement is not intended to prevent individuals with particular perspectives or strong points of view from serving on the TEP. The intent of full disclosure is to inform the measure developer, other TEP members, and CMS about the source of TEP members’ perspectives and how that might affect discussions or recommendations.

Input, advice, and recommendations provided by TEP members will be considered by the measure developer. An appointed TEP chair will help facilitate discussion and build consensus.

TEP Expected Time Commitment: 

The TEP is expected to meet through a webinar twice. The scheduled meetings are as follows: 

  •  A one hour Pre-TEP Meeting scheduled for early November 2021 (specific date to be determined).
  • One half-day TEP Meeting scheduled for mid-November 2021 (specific date to be determined).
  • Members must be prepared to review preparatory materials shared ahead of the meeting, which could take up to 8 hours.
  • If necessary and feasible, follow-up webinars may be held to present decisions made based on TEP input and/or request additional input. 

Required Information:

Nominees are expected to submit a completed online TEP nomination form. As part of this form, nominees are required to upload the following:

  • A letter of interest (not to exceed two pages) highlighting experience/knowledge relevant to the expertise described above and involvement in measure development.
  • Curriculum vitae or a summary of relevant experience for a maximum of 10 pages.

If you wish to nominate yourself or other individuals for consideration, please complete and email the online nomination form to ccsq-pac-qrp-tep@acumenllc.com by October 19, 2021

Please read the TEP Charter and complete the TEP Nomination Forms. You may access these documents by clicking the title of each document below:

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