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Currently Accepting Nominations

Technical Expert Panels: Currently Accepting Nominations Link

This page serves as the designated site that is used to solicit nominations for technical expert panel members for CMS measure development and maintenance contractors.   Individuals with expertise in the relevant fields including clinicians, statisticians, quality improvement, methodologists, and pertinent measure developers, as well as consumers, are encouraged to submit nominations.  Person and family membership on TEPs is a very important part of the measure development process. TEP members are chosen to provide input to the measure contractor based on their personal experience and training. It is critical to the success that TEP members represent a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds.

TEPs Accepting Nominations:  

Project Title: 2019 Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Improvement Activities (IA) Technical Expert Panel (TEP)


The TEP nomination period opens on March 22, 2019 and closes on April 26, 2019. Please submit all nomination materials by close of business (5:00 pm PT) on the closing date.

Project Overview:

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has contracted with General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), through the Practice Improvement and activities Management Support (PIMMS) contract – HHSM-500-2013-13008I, HHSM-500-T0001, to convene a technical expert panel (TEP) around the effectiveness and accuracy of the improvement activities (IAs) included in year 3 of the Quality Payment Program under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System’s (MIPS) Improvement Activities performance category. HealthInsight is the sub-contractor for this aspect of the project.

As part of its improvement activity development process, CMS asks measure developers to convene groups of stakeholders and experts who contribute direction and thoughtful input to the measure developer to facilitate improvement activity development and maintenance.

Project Objectives:

HealthInsight, through its contract with GDIT and CMS, will convene a TEP around the effectiveness and accuracy of the IAs included in year 3 of the Quality Payment Program under the MIPS Improvement Activities performance category. The TEP will perform a review of selected IAs, especially those about which the Quality Payment Program Service Center has been receiving comments and questions. The purpose is to:

  • Engage users in the design of these IAs;
  • Solicit feedback on the IAs with those using them in the real world; and
  • Ensure that IAs are valid, weighted correctly, and that their qualifications/criteria make sense.

TEP Requirements:

We are seeking a TEP of approximately 10-12 clinicians and individuals with the following perspectives and areas of expertise:

  • Subject matter/clinical expertise with IAs
  • Consumer/patient/family (non-medical caregiver) perspective
  • Healthcare disparities knowledge
  • Performance measurement
  • Quality improvement

Potential TEP members must be aware that participation on the TEP is voluntary. As such, individuals wishing to participate on the TEP should understand that their input would be recorded in the meeting minutes. Proceedings of the TEP will be summarized in a report that is disclosed to the public. If a participant has disclosed private, personal data by his or her own choice, then that material and those communications are not deemed to be covered by patient-provider confidentiality. If patient participants (only) wish to keep their names confidential, that request can be accommodated. Any questions about confidentiality will be answered by the TEP organizers.

All potential TEP members must disclose any current and past activities that may pose a potential conflict of interest for performing the tasks required of the TEP. All potential TEP members should be able to commit to the anticipated time frame needed to perform the functions of the TEP.

Consumer/Patient/Family (Non-Medical Caregiver) Nominees:

HealthInsight is seeking patients, patient family members and/or non-medical caregivers to participate on this TEP. Those who would like to share their perspective or experience with the IAs are encouraged to join the TEP and provide their unique perspectives. Patients, patient family members and/or non-medical caregivers are valuable to this process as they can provide an essential viewpoint that can further inform this work.

Patient, patient family member, and/or non-medical caregiver nominees should submit a completed and signed TEP Nomination Form and letter of interest as described below, but are not required to submit curriculum vitae.

TEP Expected Time Commitment:

The TEP meeting will be conducted via a virtual meeting platform. As this TEP will inform the rulemaking process, this nomination will be held annually, and participants will only need to attend one meeting, although there may be additional pre-meeting work and follow-up discussions. The length of this meeting is approximately 120 minutes. Additional self-directed meeting preparation time could run approximately 4-5 hours.

Required Information:

  • A completed and signed TEP Nomination form located in the download section below.
  • The nomination form includes a consent and confidentiality statement.
  • A letter of interest (not to exceed two pages) highlighting experience/knowledge relevant to the IA review outlined above and describing the interest in being involved in an IA-related TEP.
  • Curriculum vitae or a summary of relevant experience (maximum of 10 pages).

NOTE: Patient participants are not required to submit a curriculum vitae and may elect to keep their names confidential in public documents.

The Nomination Form template and proposed TEP Charter are found in the download section below.

If you wish to nominate yourself, or other individuals for consideration, please complete the Nomination Form and include it with the other required materials in an email to: Include “Nomination” in the subject line.

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