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A TEP is a group of people with diverse professional and personal experiences who provide input to quality measurement projects. For measure development projects, a TEP provides feedback to measure developers during each stage of the measure development process. However, TEPs are considered a best practice for all projects that address clinical quality in some capacity. TEPs are one of the most common stakeholder engagement methods.

Why do TEPs Meet?

To support quality measurement activities, TEP members use their knowledge and experience to:

  • Review new measure ideas and help decide which ones should be developed further
  • Review results from the testing of measures that are currently being developed
  • Advise the measure developer on which measures should be recommended to CMS based on criteria, including if patients will find the measure(s) meaningful and important
  • Provide stakeholder feedback about uses and needs for public resources and measures, such as Care Compare
  • Give feedback on other quality measurement topics

Who Can Join a TEP?

  • Patients, family members, and caregivers
  • Experts with experience relevant to the measure being developed or maintained
  • Clinicians
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Vendors
  • Other measure developers
  • Statisticians
  • Quality improvement experts
  • Methodologists
  • Representatives from relevant stakeholder groups
  • Others interested in quality measurement with relevant experience

To receive balanced input, measure developers or other groups seeking advice invite eight to 15 people with varying perspectives to join their TEP. Although TEPs could be intimidating, it is critically important that patients, family members, and caregivers participate in TEPs because their lived experiences provide invaluable insight into healthcare.

When Do TEPs Meet?

While CMS encourages TEP participation throughout the Measure Lifecycle, TEP feedback is critical during:

  • Measure conceptualization, after completing initial information-gathering activities such as environmental scans and literature reviews, to assist with business case development
  • Measure specification, before or after alpha testing
  • After beta testing
  • Throughout measure implementation, including pre-rulemaking if applicable

Download the Blueprint (PDF) and the Technical Expert Panels (PDF) supplemental material for more information on TEPs


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