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October 1, 2000, home health agencies must take certain actions with regard to the collection and reporting of OASIS data for their Medicare beneficiaries in order to be reimbursed under the new payment system.

For all Medicare beneficiaries with a continued need for services, a FU assessment using OASIS B-1 (8/2000) must be completed during the last five days of the first HHPPS start-up certification period in order to case-mix adjust the patients' assessments for subsequent episode certification.  This means that if the HHA determines the continued need for home health services into the subsequent certification period, a FU assessment must be completed during the last 5 days of the current certification period, that is, between November 25 and November 29, 2000 (day 56, 57, 58, 59, and 60 by the initial PPS certification period).  This applies to all Medicare beneficiaries, regardless of the September SOC or FU assessment date.

All applicable patients (not just Medicare patients) accepted for care on or after October 1 will be assessed according to the new established time points at 42 CFR 484.55, i.e., a patient whose start of care date is October 15 would be reassessed for the need to continue services for another certification period during the last 5 days of the current 60-day certification period.  In this example, the FU assessment would be conducted between 12/9/00 and 12/13/00.

See below for additional information related to OASIS and PPS

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