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Give feedback on MACRA

We need your feedback & comments

The MACRA required us to ask for your feedback.

Annual call for measures & activities

This process allows organizations representing eligible clinicians, such as professional associations and medical societies, to identify and submit measures and activities for consideration from these categories:

  • Measures for the Quality performance category
  • Measures for the Advancing Care Information performance category
  • Activities for the Improvement Activities performance category

Send all information and supplemental documents by the deadline June 30, 2017. Improvement Activity recommendations submitted by February 28, 2017 will be considered for 2018. Improvement Activity recommendations submitted after February 28, 2017 will be considered for future years.

 You can read our fact sheet and attend our webinar for a walkthrough of the process.

Help us learn from you

Section 101(f) of MACRA requires us to share a Draft List of MACRA Episode Groups and Trigger Codes and ask for your feedback. We’re also asking for your comments on Episode-Based Cost Measure Development for the Quality Payment Program (pdf) to help us improve the cost measure development process.

Prior feedback requests:

The episode groups we’ve created as part of the Affordable Care Act are specific criteria and patient characteristics we’ll use in the future to create care episode and patient condition groups. We’ve used episodes to give physician groups feedback about their resource use to support bundled payment and hospital quality reporting programs.

Get more detailed information about episode groups: