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Open Payments Program Feedback

We Want to Hear From You!

The Open Payments program welcomes feedback from the public on the program’s operations and reporting requirements. If you have input on the program that you are interested in sharing with CMS, please send your comments to

CMS is particularly interested in gathering feedback about the reporting requirements for educational materials, such as peer-reviewed journals, journal reprints, and medical textbooks, as well as continuing medical education (CME) programs. For example:

• What has been the impact, if any, of these reporting requirements on the distribution of educational materials and provision of CME to physicians by industry
• The nature of the financial relationships between CME providers, applicable manufacturers and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), and physician covered recipients, including how CME providers select and compensate physician and other speakers using funds received from industry
• The impact of the removal of the CME exclusion in the 2015 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule on how industry reports CME payments
• If and how educational materials, such as journals and textbooks, directly and indirectly benefit patients
• How it may be possible to reduce unnecessary reporting burden while ensuring transparency of the financial relationships between providers and industry

Please note that CMS will not issue individual responses to the feedback received; rather, the information gathered will be used to inform future program improvements. CMS would finalize any regulatory changes through the rulemaking process. Any questions that require individual responses pertaining to the Open Payments program should be submitted to the Open Payments Help Desk at