Open Payments System Unavailable in January

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Open Payments System Unavailable in January

January, 2014
To improve functionality and build on lessons learned, registration, data submission, and review and dispute functions within the Open Payments system will be unavailable beginning January 1 through late January, 2015, due to system enhancements and preparations for the 2014 program year. It is important to note that this does not impact the overall 2014 program timeframe and importantly, the registration function in CMS' Enterprise Portal (EIDM) is still open. Moving forward, CMS will be featuring testing and user group calls in order to take positive steps for all user functionality. 

While the Open Payments system will be unavailable, stakeholders will continue to be able to view Open Payments data and use the data search tool on the CMS website at /openpayments. EIDM registration will continue to be available throughout this period, for reporting entities, physicians, and teaching hospitals to continue to register in the CMS Enterprise Portal. For assistance in completing EIDM registration, visit the Resources page on the Open Payments website.

When the system becomes available, a number of enhancements will be operational:

  • For applicable manufacturers and applicable GPOs: Records that are not successfully matched to a physician or teaching hospital will be identified as records in error that need to be corrected and re-submitted prior to final submission and attestation. This change removes the record status of “Unmatched,” along with the option for attesters to override records that are unmatched. In addition, new matching logic will be implemented that will prompt records previously in an "on hold" status to be moved through the final submission process.
  • For physicians: The status of “conditionally approved” will no longer exist. Physician profiles that do not successfully pass vetting will now return errors that the physician must correct before proceeding in the Open Payments system.

CMS will provide detailed guidance on these and other enhancements to the Open Payments system in upcoming documentation and Q&A sessions beginning in January 2015. CMS anticipates that the Open Payments system will re-open for 2014 registration and data submission shortly after these system preparations are completed.

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