Advanced Planning

An elderly man who lives in Allakaket, AL. Tanana Chiefs Conference Community Health Outreach Program provides HCBS for elders in Allakaket and other villages in the Alaskan interior.

If you would like to start or expand an LTSS program in your community, and you're already familiar with financing options and LTSS program models, it's time to begin advanced planning.

LTSS Roadmap

The LTSS Roadmap gives a step-by-step planning guide for addressing LTSS needs in your community. The roadmap helps you determine next steps no matter where you are in the process of planning or implementing your program.

Perhaps your community already has an LTSS program, but you'd like to increase your program's reach. You can still use the LTSS Roadmap, and your needs assessment will begin by assessing your existing program and whether there are additional needs that it does not currently meet.


Evaluation plays an important role in planning and maintaining a successful program. Get detailed evaluation assistance to guide you in choosing the right evaluation approaches for your community.

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