Program Examples

The Zuni Adult Day Care program brings seniors together to socialize, share meals, and participate in activities together.

Program profiles provide examples of how tribes have implemented LTSS programs. The profiles listed below highlight examples of successful programs.

Cherokee Nation Home Health Services, Inc.

Cherokee Nation Home Health Services, Inc., (CNHHS) is a tribally incorporated, nonprofit, home health care agency that is Medicare and Medicaid certified to provide home health care services to eligible clients. Each month, CNHHS delivers many different services to about 400 people.


White Earth Long Term Care Consultation

The White Earth Band of the Ojibwe contracts with the state of Minnesota to provide case management and eligibility assessments for home- and community-based LTSS. The White Earth Long Term Care Consultation serves about 300 clients each month.


Oneida Nation's COP-W Program

The Oneida Nation serves people who are eligible for care under the Medicaid home- and community-based 1915 (c) waiver and Wisconsin's Community Option Program waiver (COP-W). Through the COP-W program, the Oneida Nation directly provides many services to elders and people with disabilities.


Cherokee Elder Care Program

The Cherokee Elder Care program is a strong example of a PACE program— an all-inclusive program model that supports a large, diverse team of health care professionals and staff members. Learn more about PACE programs.

As the first tribal PACE program, Cherokee Elder Care continues to provide a variety of services to its clients.


Pueblo of Zuni's LTSS Network

The Elderly Services Coordinating Committee organizes several programs to provide comprehensive care for those who need it. These programs include a senior center, an adult day center, home health services, an elder care program, and a palliative care program.


LTSS Across Indian Country

Watch short videos that show how LTSS programs are helping community members across Indian Country.


Find out more about the different kinds of LTSS models available.

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