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Transmittal # Issue Date Subject Implementation Date CR # MM Article # MM Article Release Date
SE18028 New Search Features Added to Fiscal Intermediary Shared System (FISS)/Direct Data Entry SE18028 2018-12-21
SE18002 Billing Requirements for OPPS Providers with Multiple Service Locations SE18002 2018-03-15
SE18007 Recent and Upcoming Improvements in Hospice Billing and Claims Processing SE18007 2018-06-07
SE18016 A Prescriber's Guide to the New Medicare Part D Opioid Overutilization Policies for 2019 SE18016 2018-11-01
SE18006 New Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) Get It, Use It SE18006 2018-05-25
SE18024 Typhoon Yutu and Medicare Disaster Related Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Claims SE18024 2018-10-31
SE18004 Review of Opioid Use during the Initial Preventive Physical Examination (IPPE) and Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) SE18004 2018-08-29
SE18009 What Suppliers Need to Know About Orders for DMEPOS Items SE18009 2018-12-18
SE18023 Activation of Systematic Validation Edits for OPPS Providers with Multiple Service Locations SE18023 2018-10-12
SE18003 Skilled Nursing Facility Value-Based Purchasing Program Updated SE18003 2018-03-28
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