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Toolkit Part 6: Feedback Sessions

This page contains the list of 19 chapters that make up Toolkit Part 6: How to collect and use feedback from readers. They give step-by-step instructions on how to collect and use reactions from readers to improve your written material. You may view, save, or print a copy of these chapters from your personal computer. Click on the number or title of the chapter you’d like to view. This will link you to the download for that chapter.


Chapter Number Chapter Title
Chapter 01 Introduction to Toolkit Part 6
Chapter 02 What is involved in doing a project to get feedback from readers?
Chapter 03 Introducing the four methods for getting feedback from readers
Chapter 04 Five steps for designing a reader feedback session
Chapter 05 Creating a list of feedback issues to use in testing the material
Chapter 06 Should you do individual interviews or focus groups?
Chapter 07 Which feedback methods work best for which purposes?
Chapter 08 Phrasing your questions to get the most useful feedback from readers
Chapter 09 Tips for collecting particular types of feedback from readers
Chapter 10 Creating a written guide for conducting feedback sessions
Chapter 11 Creating and using a Session Summary Form
Chapter 12 Should you do audio or video recording of your sessions?
Chapter 13 Choosing a location for your feedback sessions
Chapter 14 How will you select and recruit participants?
Chapter 15 Tips for recruiting people on site for immediate participation in a feedback interview
Chapter 16 Tips for recruiting people by telephone to set appointments for feedback sessions
Chapter 17 Conducting feedback interviews and taking notes
Chapter 18 Tips for effective interviewing technique
Chapter 19 Using feedback from readers to improve written material