Non FOIA Records

Non-FOIA Records

Records That Are Not Processed Under the FOIA

Public Use Files (PUFs) - (See related link at the bottom of the page.)

Online Survey Certification and Report System (OSCAR).

Privacy Act Requests - The administration of the Privacy Act is conducted by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' Office of Information Services, Enterprise Data Group, Division of Data Liaison and Distribution. Contact them via e-mail, visit CMS' Privacy Act page or call the Data Disclosure Help Line: 410-786-3690.

Statistical Data - Contact our Customer Service section.

The administration and production of many CMS Statistical Databases are under the auspices of the Enterprise Data Group of CMS. They can be contacted via our Customer Service section.

Medicare Provider Analysis and Review (MEDPAR) Records - Visit our Customer Service section.

Letters written as inquiries or questions concerning CMS program issues, in which there is no request for federal records or documents are not processed under FOIA. Direct your inquiry or questions to the appropriate program office.

You can obtain many CMS Manuals online or read how to order a hard copy here.

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