QPU April 2005

The Quarterly Provider Update provides a listing of Agency regulations and meeting notices. Non-regulatory changes to the Medicare and Medicaid programs, consisting of manual instructions, are also included in this listing.

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File Name Subject Publication/Implementation Date Quarterly Release Date
R450CP Enforcement of Mandatory Electronic Submission of Medicare Claims. 07/05/2005 2005-04-01
R572CP July 2005 Outpatient Prospective Payment System Code Editor (OPPS OCE) Specifications Version 6.2 07/05/2005 2005-04-01
R34NCD Abarelix for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer 05/25/2005 2005-04-01
R576CP Correction to Chapter 17, Section 80.2.3, MSN/ANSI X12N Denial Messages for Anti-Emetic Drugs 07/01/2005 2005-04-01
R490CP Claims Status Code/Claims Status Category Code Update 07/05/2005 2005-04-01
R474CP Coordination of Benefits Agreement (COBA) Detailed Error Report Notification Process 07/05/2005 2005-04-01
R541CP Correction to the use of Group Codes for The Enforcement of Mandatory Electronic Submission of Medicare Claims 07/05/2005 2005-04-01
R36NCD Smoking and Tobacco-Use Cessation Counseling 07/05/2005 2005-04-01
R574CP Mobility Assistive Equipment (MAE) 07/05/2005 2005-04-01
R35NCD Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) 06/06/2005 2005-04-01
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