QPU October 2006

The Quarterly Provider Update provides a listing of Agency regulations and meeting notices. Non-regulatory changes to the Medicare and Medicaid programs, consisting of manual instructions, are also included in this listing.

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File Name Subject Publication/Implementation Date Quarterly Release Date
R55BP Reopenings and Revisions of Claim Determinations and Decisions 12/28/2006 2006-07-03
R239OTN Communications Infrastructure Testing 10/30/2006 2006-07-03
R1016CP Outpatient Therapy - Additional DRA Mandated Service Edit 01/02/2007 2006-10-02
CMS-2229-IFC Self-Directed Personal Assistance Services State Plan Option N/A 2006-10-02
R1077CP Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Media Changes 01/16/2007 2006-10-02
R242OTN National Coverage Determination for Infusion Pump Exception Guidance Pub. 100-04, Chapter 1, Part 4, Section 280.14 11/27/2006 2006-10-02
R57BP Clarification/Update to Chapter 8, Pub. 100-02 12/14/2006 2006-10-02
R1133CP Reporting of Taxonomy Codes to Identify Provider Subparts on Institutional Claims 01/02/2007 2006-10-02
R1034CP Competitive Acquisition Program, Claim Processing for Not Otherwise Classified Drugs 01/02/2007 2006-10-02
CMS-9038-N Quarterly Issuance Notice July-Sept 2006 12/22/2006 2006-10-02
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