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Decision #
Case #
02-1565; 03-0517; 04-0338
Provider #
1. Whether the Intermediary properly determined the full-time equivalent (FTE) intern and resident count for purposes of computing the Provider's indirect medical education (IME) adjustment and the direct graduate medical education (DGME) payment for FYEs 6/30/99, 6/30/00 & 6/30/01.; 2. Whether bank fees claimed by the Provider are allowable interest related costs. (FY 6/30/99); 3. Whether the hospital-based physician compensation should be reimbursed under Medicare Part A or Part B. (FY 6/30/99); 4. Whether the proper statistic to allocate housekeeping costs is hours worked or square footage. (FY 6/30/00); 5. Whether the Intermediary properly adjusted the hospital's cafeteria costs by removing all non-administrative Home Health Agency (HHA) FTEs from the Worksheet B-1 statistical base. (FY 6/30/00); 6. Whether the Intermediary properly disallowed the allocation of nursing administration costs to the HHA. (FY 6/30/00); 7. Whether the Intermediary properly weighted Worksheet B-1 statistics to account for the psychiatric unit being closed during the year. (FY 6/30/00); 8. Whether the Intermediary properly adjusted the rehabilitation unit hospital-based physician compensation from Medicare Part A to Part B. (FY 6/30/00).
Case Name
Covenant Health Care, Saginaw MI
Decision Date
Fiscal Year End