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Decision #
Case #
99-2630; 00-3142;01-1808; 02-1095; 03-1383; 01-2158
Provider #
24-0063; 24-0210
1. Whether the Intermediary's exclusion of certain non-Medicaid general assistance and other state-only funded patient days (General Assistance Days or GADs) from the Provider's Medicaid Proxy was proper based on the instruction contained in Program Memorandum A-99-62. (St. Joseph's for FYE 1997 through 2000); 2. Whether Medicare + Choice days were properly treated in the Provider's disproportionate share hospital (DSH) calculation. (St. Joseph's for FYE 1998, 1999 and 2000); 3. Whether the Intermediary properly excluded, for indirect medical education (IME) and direct graduate medical education (DGME) reimbursement purposes, certain resident rotations at related non-hospital locations. (St. Joseph's for FYE 1997, 1998 and St. John's for FYE 1998)
Case Name
St. Joseph' Hospital; St. John's Northeast Hospital, MN
Decision Date
Fiscal Year End