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Case #
04-2249G; 10-0431GC; 10-432GC; 10-433GC; 10-434GC; 10-435GC; 10-0436GC; 04-2265G; 10-1206GC; 10-1211GC; 10-1212GC; 10-1213GC; 10-1214GC; 10-1215GC; 10-1216GC; 10-1217GC; 05-1862G; 10-1218GC; 10-1219GC; 10-1220GC; 10-1221GC; 10-1222GC; 10-1223GC; 10-1224GC; 06-1816G; 10-1225GC; 10-1226GC; 10-1227GC; 10-1228GC; 10-1229GC; 10-1230GC; 10-1231GC; 12-1232GC; 07-1466G; 09-2301G; 09-0811GC; 11-0082GC; 10-1090GC; 11-0081GC; 10-0183GC; 11-0079GC; 11-0080GC; 10-1095GC
Provider #
Whether days associated with patients covered under the New Jersey Charity Care Program should be included in the numerator of the Medicaid proxy of the Medicare disproportionate share hospital (DSH) calculation pursuant to § 1886(d)(5)(F)(vi)(II) of the Social Security Act, as amended.
Case Name
Ober Kaler DSH Charity Care Groups
Decision Date
Fiscal Year End