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Decision #
Case #
10-0302GC; 06-0662G; 06-2036G; 06-0740G; 07-0271G; 07-0273G; 06-0872G and 06-0873G
Provider #
Whether the Intermediary's application of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals' holding in Clark Regional Medical Center v. United States Department of Health and Human Services, 314 F.3d. 241 (6th Cir. 2002) ("Clark") to the determination of the number of available bed days for purposes of calculating the appealing Providers' indirect medical education or disproportionate share payments, as applicable to each such provider, was proper.
Case Name
OhioHealth 2004 Clark Bed Days Group; Bricker & Eckler 2002 Bed Days Group; Bricker & Eckler 2003 Bed Days Group; SRI 2002 Clark Decision Group; SRI 2003 Available Bed Days for IME Group; SRI 2003 Patient Days for DSH Group; SRI 2004 Available Bed Days for IME Group; and SRI 2004 Patient Days for DSH Group
Decision Date
Fiscal Year End