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IACS Overview

Individuals Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS) has been established to provide our Business Partners a means to apply for and receive a single User ID they can use to access many CMS applications. On this website you'll find information about the applications your IACS User ID can be used with, how to register for an IACS User ID, how to login to IACS, how to login to your application, and information about the Help Desks that support your applications. Your organization or CMS contact can help you with the information you'll need for registration such as application name, application role, Organization Legal Business Name, Taxpayer Identification Number or other information specific to your application. Not every CMS application requires the same information so it is important to get the specifics directly from your organization or CMS contact.

Important Messages

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PLEASE READ: ***UPDATED 07/14/2015 - Migration of IACS Services to | Enterprise Portal***

This important message applies to users of the following applications: Bundle Payments EFT, COB, CPCi, CSR, ECRS, Gentran, HPG, Internet Server (TIBCO), MAPD (MARx UI), MDR, MED, myCGS, Novitasphere, PS&R, STAR, Physician Quality and Reporting Programs (formerly PV and PQRS), SPOT (FCSO), STAR and VMS Client Letter.

IACS Services for the applications listed above, including Registration, Selecting a Role, Managing your Profile, Forgot Your Password, Forgot Your User ID, Helpdesk and Login services have moved to | Enterprise Portal which can be found at


What you can and cannot do from page:  

  1. Help Desk Support - the contact information posted on the IACS Help Desk Support page is still valid for the applications listed above.
  2. IACS Registration Help - the information posted on the IACS Registration Help page is no longer valid.
  3. IACS Login Help - the information posted on the IACS Login Help page, which includes instructions for "Forgot Your Password?" and "Forgot Your User ID?" is no longer valid.
  4. CMS Applications Login - the information posted on the CMS Applications Login page is still valid for the application listed above.

Do not disclose or lend your User ID AND/OR PASSWORD to someone else. They are for your use only and serve as your electronic signature. This means that you will be held responsible for the consequences of unauthorized or illegal transactions. Sharing of accounts may lead to termination of system access privileges and /or adverse action up to and including legal prosecution.

IACS Account

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