CIRT - Starting an IT Project

Have an idea for an IT project?  Welcome to CIRT!

What is CIRT?

The CMS IT Intake Review Team consists of OIT Group Service Representatives (GSRs) and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  The Technical Review Board (TRB), Shared Services team, Enterprise Architecture, Security and Privacy, Office of Acquisitions and Grants Management (OAGM) and the Center for Enterprise Agility (CEA) are all represented.  The CIRT assembles bi-weekly to review new and changing IT projects and systems from the latest intake form submissions.  The intake process serves two critical purposes.  It provides initial technical guidance and IT service support to the business owner community, while also ensuring transparency, and CMS enterprise awareness, and compliance with technical architecture, governance and security standards.  The valuable guidance that the CIRT provides early in a project could prevent costly errors and delays, and will set you and your project up for success.

Where do I Start?

Step 1:  To get started, complete and submit the CMS IT Intake Request Form.  

    *Note:  The Intake Request Form must be completed by a CMS employee.

Step 2:  You will be contacted by a member of the CIRT team and placed on the agenda for the next available CIRT meeting, where your project will be reviewed and evaluated by Subject Matter Experts and Group Service Representatives.

Step 3: You will be provided recommendations, next steps and points of contact to assist with your project needs.  You will also receive a lifecycle ID number to reference as you proceed through stage gate reviews.

After completing the intake process, you will work with your project team to complete key artifacts and prepare for stage gate reviews. The figure below outlines the intake process.

Not Just for New Projects

Although the CIRT is a critical step for IT projects entering into the lifecycle, it is not exclusive to new projects.  CMS IT systems change, evolve and upgrade over the course of their lifecycle, at which time, the CIRT is equally valuable.  Below are examples of IT activities in which a CIRT review may be appropriate.

Changes to system

  • System redesign or modernization
  • Changes in architecture
  • New or change in database that may affect architecture
  • New or change to Interfaces
  • New or change to applications
  • New or change to environment
  • New software component
  • New business functions
  • New server (physical or virtual)
  • Change in lifecycle environment (Dev, Val, Prod)
  • Changes in platform (e.g. Solaris to Linux)
  • Changes in hosting data center
  • Contract re-competes for major investments
  • System Disposition

Requests for Support and Services

  • Need help to determine an IT solution 
  • Need enterprise architecture support (Business Process Modeling (BPM), Data Architecture modeling/review, context diagrams, stakeholder analysis, etc.) 
  • Leverage shared services or enterprise licenses 
  • Access to CMS data/information 
  • Security and Privacy questions & assistance (Security/Privacy Impact Analysis (SIA/PIA), Security Controls Assessment (SCA), Authority to Operate (ATO)) 
  • Project management support 
  • General IT questions and guidance 
  • Request for system support 

For questions or assistance, please feel free to contact:

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