CMS eXpedited Life Cycle (XLC) Web-Based Training

Course Name: CMS Expedited Life Cycle e-Learning Course

Course Registration: Click here to register for this course

When and Where: Available 24/7 online

Duration: Approximately two (2) hours; divided into six (6) individual lessons.

Lesson Overview:

  • Lesson 1: This lesson is designed to provide an overview of the Expedited Life Cycle (XLC).
  • Lesson 2: This lesson is designed to provide an introduction to project complexity and determining project complexity levels.
  • Lesson 3: This lesson is designed to provide an introduction to the Project Process Agreement (PPA) and outline how the PPA is used throughout a project’s life cycle.
  • Lesson 4:  This lesson is designed to provide an introduction to the Phases, Reviews and Artifacts used in an XLC project.
  • Lesson 5: This lesson is designed to provide an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of those who participate in developing software and systems at CMS.
  • Lesson 6: This lesson is designed to provide information about how to start an IT project, and where to go for additional information and support.

Prerequisites: Participants should be familiar with the elements of sound IT project management. This course is particularly useful for those who are tasked to use the XLC on a CMS project.

Summary Description: This course will provide participants with foundational information on CMS’ IT project management framework called the eXpedited Life Cycle (XLC).Successfully managing an IT project requires effective planning and adherence to the industry’s best practices in every step of the process. By understanding the fundamentals of IT project management using the XLC, participants will be better prepared to manage a project and position it for success.

Testing/Certification: Participants who successfully complete all six lessons will be awarded 2 CLPs/PDUs to be used towards COR recertification requirements and/or continuing education requirements for some other professional certifications. The course will include quizzes that check participants’ understanding and a printable certificate upon course completion.

Additional Resources: Download the XLC Detailed Description Document (PDF) and the XLC Overview Poster (PDF).

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