XLC Roles

Business Owner (BO)

  • Executive in charge of organization
  • Primary customer and advocate for IT project
  • Identifies business needs and performance measures to be satisfied by IT project
  • Funds IT project
  • Establishes and approves changes to cost, schedule, and performance goals
  • Validates that the IT project meets business requirements

Product Owner (PO)

  • Possesses subject matter knowledge of the business needs and requirements
  • Empowered with the authority to make decentralized (local) business decisions
  • Develops maintains, and communicates the Product Vision and Roadmap to create a common understanding of the short and long-term goals of the product
  • Works with the team to build, maintain, and prioritize the product backlog with work items and conducts regular backlog refinement meetings to continuously update based on changing business needs
  • Clarify and review work products and user stories and provide feedback

CIRT Chair

  • Serves as the voice of management to the CIRT
  • Ensures the team is properly resourced with support staff and team members
  • Facilitates the biweekly CIRT meetings
  • Ensures the CIRT stays on task and meets in a timely fashion
  • Ensures the CIRT meets all stated goals and objectives
  • Manage and oversee CIRT activities
  • Communicates project activities and next steps to Executive Sponsors,  business owners, and CIRT members
  • Assists and coordinates escalation for BO’s who seek definitive resolution from an appropriate Governance Board in cases of disagreement or conflicting priorities and/or resources
  • Initiates CIRT process improvement activities

Group Service Representatives (GSRs)

  • Lead discussions relating to their respective service domain area in CIRT meetings
  • Assess project needs and evaluates requested services
  • Provide recommendation to approve project/requests in CIRT meetings based on threshold criteria
  • Review CIRT meeting minutes and letters and provide additional input and updates as needed
  • Brief Management of CIRT activities and outcomes
  • Consultations and follow up with business owners
  • Create and maintain group service lists
  • Initiates awareness and establishes communication across necessary support services within their respective groups

Contractors and Third Parties

  • Contractors / third parties may be used for development of review artifacts and other required materials, e.g., an infrastructure support contractor 
  • XLC recommends use of certified vendors with at least Capability Maturity Model Integration level 3 assessment and ISO 9000 certification
  • Other certification may be relevant depending on project and content

Division of IT Investment Management & Policy (DIIMP)

  • CMS organizational unit responsible for IT governance
  • Assists business owner in the successful navigation of the XLC
  • Facilitates the intake of IT project requests
  • CIRT agendas, meeting minutes, and letters
  • Advises business owners and technical staff on navigation of  the XLC

Environment Owner

  • Provides CMS’ integration, test, and evaluation center for new applications prior to implementation within its enterprise data center

Budget Development Group (BDG)

  • Review, prioritize, and recommend annual IT project funding request amounts
  • Review statuses of IT projects

Investment Manager

  • Responsible for planning and executing the investment to achieve approved baselines
  • May or may not be a subject matter expert in the business area supported by the investment
  • Leads the preparation for an Annual Operational Analysis (AOA) which examines the performance of a portfolio of projects
  • Coordinates various business owners’ participation as appropriate for the AOA
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