Expedited Life Cycle (XLC) Assistance

CMS Intake Review Team (CIRT)

The CIRT is a team of Group Service Representatives (GSRs) and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that provide valuable business and technical consultation regarding available IT service support to the business owner community.  Meeting with the CIRT is one of the first steps in the project lifecycle and establishes an early awareness and transparency for the CMS IT community, as well as the CIO, as required by FITARA.  The CIRT provides guidance regarding business/technical architecture, policy, governance, shared services, and security that could prevent unnecessary delays and costly oversights.

For more information about CIRT, or to submit an Intake Request Form, please click here

Technical Review Board (TRB)

The Technical Review Board (TRB) is the CMS technical governance board that conducts required stage gate reviews throughout IT system lifecycles to ensure adherence to CMS Technical Reference Architecture (TRA) and IT standards.  The TRB also offers informal consultations in which they provide valuable technical guidance and advice to help prepare for your project’s next milestones. They possess a wealth of knowledge including available shared services, emerging technologies and lessons learned from past projects and experiences.    

For more information about the TRB or to schedule a Stage Gate Review or consultation, please click here.

Agile Transformation

OIT has created the Center for Enterprise Agility (CEA) as a forum to provide training, support, and guidance to all programs and components who have already begun, or are working towards adopting Agile techniques The CEA works with stakeholders from across the organization to create processes and methods at the enterprise and team levels that facilitate the transition to compatible Agile constructs in a manner that reduces impediments, while maintaining necessary controls that provide alignment to enterprise strategies and standards.

For additional information and resources about Agile, or to request training, please click here.

Project Process Agreement (PPA)

The Project Process Agreement (PPA) is a key artifact in the XLC that sets expectations and increases overall project predictability. It is a written agreement between the key stakeholders that establishes a common understanding regarding which reviews will be conducted for the project, which artifacts are appropriate, and which tests are necessary based on the project’s complexity level as determined by the Business Owner.  The PPA can be used as a checklist as you navigate the beginning phases of the IT life cycle.

To access the PPA template, please click here (XLSX).

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