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Financial Accounting Control System


The current FACS (Financial Accounting and Control System) includes a core financial module, a LOC subsystem, an A/P subsystem and an ARC subsystem, which operate on the CMS mainframe.

  • The FACS Core consists of an on-line interactive system, funds control, accountability, and reporting functions.  The Core contains FACS’ general ledger and the databases necessary for storing transaction history and verifying transaction validity.
  • The A/P subsystem tracks accounts payables and cash disbursements. The FACS A/P subsystem interfaces with both internal and external systems using batch file transfer.  Batch entry of payment data, to the A/P Subsystem from internal systems includes the eTravel GovTrip system, Demonstration Payment System (DPS), and the Automated Plan Payment System (APPS). FACS A/P Subsystem external interfaces include electronic file transmission of payment data to Treasury for disbursement of check or electronic funds transfer type payments and posting of transaction data to the Core financial module.
  • The ARC subsystem tracks accounts receivable and collections of funds.  The subsystem maintains Medicare accounts receivable information for Supplemental Medical Insurance (SMI) premiums that are affiliated with States, Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMBs) and Third Party Groups. The ARC Subsystem external interface includes a monthly batch feed of collection data to the Supplemental Medical Insurance Premium Accounting Collection and Enrollment (SPACE) system.  ARC also submits a batch feed to the Core financial module on a daily basis.
  • The LOC subsystem tracks benefit payment information for Medicare contractors. The LOC subsystem interfaces include both internal and external systems via file transfer which must be maintained.  The LOC subsystem external interface includes daily feeds from Treasury’s Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) System to record daily Medicare contractor draws.  The LOC subsystem internal interfaces include posting to the Core financial module and interfacing with the internal Contractor Administrative-Budget Financial Management System (CAFM) to receive a monthly contractor reconciliation batch file to match to the recorded ASAP daily draws.  Those Medicare Contractors transitioned to HIGLAS do no interface their information to FACS via CAFM.  HIGLAS provides a report of detailed draws and summary percentages of dollars by HI/SMI.  The summary breakout is manually loaded to the LOC subsystem for subsequent posting to the Core financial module.