SOR Acronym
Date Published
SOR Title
Fraud Investigation Database
SOR Description
The primary purpose of this system of records is to collect and maintain information to: (1) Identify is a violation(s) of a provision of the Social Security Act or a related penal or civil provision of the United States Code related to Medicare, Madicaid, HMO/Managed Care, and Children's Health Insurance Program have been committed; (2) determine is HHS has mase a proper payment as prescribed under applicable sections of the Act; (3) determine whether these programs have been abused; 4) coordinate investigations related to Medicare Medicaid, HMO?Managed Care and Children's Health insurance Program; (5) prevent duplications investigatory efforts; and (6) provide case file material to the HHS Office of Inspector General when a case is referred for fraud investigation
Systems Utilization
CMS CPI Fraud Investigation Database System, CMS CPI OIG Hotline System