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Physician/Supplier Procedure Summary

Overview of File: The Physician/Supplier Procedure Summary (PSPS) file is a summary of calendar year Medicare Part B carrier and durable medical equipment fee-for-service claims. The file is organized by carrier, pricing locality, Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code, HCPCS modifier, provider specialty, type of service, and place of service. The summarized fields are total submitted services and charges, total allowed services and charges, total denied services and charges, and total payment amounts. The record layout in the Downloads section below provides additional details on the file.

Before beginning the process to request these files, please read the “CMS Disclaimer - User Agreement - Non-Identifiable Files” in the Downloads section below. This document contains important information regarding timeframes for obtaining data as well as data accuracy and integrity.

Data Availability: This file is produced annually and is typically available in July (i.e., data for CY2015 is usually available in July 2016). An “early” version of the PSPS file, which is developed from claims processed through March 31st of the subsequent calendar year rather than through June 30th, is typically available in June. The first year of data available is 1991.

Cost: $250.00 per year

Data Format: Self-extracting ZIP files

Approximate Size: 206 MB

Media: CD-ROMs

Compatible Software Programs: Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL/DB2/Oracle, SAS or other statistical software. (Note: Microsoft Excel or TextPad cannot be used to analyze the PSPS file)