Chiropractic Education

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), which was enacted on April 16, 2015, includes provisions related to chiropractic services.  Specifically, section 514 of MACRA entitled, “Oversight of Medicare Coverage of Manual Manipulation of the Spine to Correct Subluxation” requires the development of educational and training programs to improve a chiropractor’s ability to document services and increase compliance with Medicare’s policies. These educational and training programs must be publicly available by January 1, 2016. To that end, the Provider Compliance Group (PCG) developed an educational and training program in the form of a public broadcast titled, “Improving the Documentation of Chiropractic Services.” 

This broadcast will not only further educate chiropractors on documentation requirements, but will also help to reduce the improper payment rate for chiropractic services, which have the highest rate of improper payments for Medicare Part B services.  In 2014, the improper payment rate for chiropractic services was 54 percent, and many of the errors were attributed to insufficient documentation. The focus of this broadcast is to help Doctors of Chiropractic properly document their services.

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This broadcast, "Improving the Documentation of Chiropractic Services", is on the CMS You Tube channel.  Please click here to view. 

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