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Issue Number - Name
0019 - DME Billed While Inpatient
Review Type
Claim Type
DME Supplier
Region and State
All States
Date Approved


A supplier (includes physician furnishing DME) may deliver a DMEPOS item to a patient in a hospital or nursing facility for the purpose of fitting or training the patient in the proper use of the item. This may be done up to two (2) days prior to the patient's anticipated discharge to their home. The supplier should bill the date of service on the claim as the date of discharge and shall use the place of service (POS) as 12 (patient's home). The item must be for subsequent use in the patient's home. No billing may be made for the item on those days the patient was receiving training or fitting in the hospital or nursing facility.

Affected Codes

  • E0100-E8002, K0001-K0899, L0112-L4631, V2020-V2786, A4206-A9999, B4034-B9999 and J and Q codes

Applicable Policy References

  • Social Security Act, Volume 1, Title XVIII, Section 1834, Subsections (2)(B), (3)(A), (5)(A), (7)(A)(i)(1), (7)(C)(ii)(1)
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