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National health expenditures, 1988. Office of National Cost Estimates.
First Author
Arnett 3d, Ross H
Date of Pub
1990 Summer
Other Authors
Blank, Loius A; Brown, Aaron P; Cowan, Cathy A; Donham, Carolyn S; Freeland, Mark S; Lazenby, Helen C; Letsch, Suzanne W; Levit, Katharine R; Maple, Brenda T
Every year, analysts in the Health Care Financing Administration present figures on what our Nation spends for health. As the result of a comprehensive re-examination of the definitions, concepts, methods, and data sources used to prepare those figures, this year's report contains new estimates of national health expenditures for calendar years 1960 through 1988. Significant changes have been made to estimates of spending for professional services and to estimates of what consumers pay out of pocket for health care. In the first article, trends in use of and expenditure for various types of goods and services are discussed, as well as trends in the sources of funds used to finance health care. In a companion article, the benchmark process is described in more detail, as are the data sources and methods used to prepare annual estimates of health expenditures.
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Economics, Hospital/statistics & numerical data : Economics, Medical/statistics & numerical data : Health Expenditures/statistics & numerical data : Medicaid/statistics & numerical data : Medicare/statistics & numerical data : United States : United States Health Care Financing Administration
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