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Low-birth-weight rate reduced by the obstetrical access project.
First Author
Lennie, J Athole
Date of Pub
1987 Spring
Other Authors
Hausner, Tony; Klun, Joseph R
Obstetrical (OB) access was a Medicaid pilot project that operated in 13 California counties from July 1979 through June 1982. The project goals were to both improve access to care in underserved areas and improve pregnancy outcomes by providing enhanced prenatal care, including psychosocial, health education, and nutrition services. The project registered 6,774 women. The findings were: 87 percent of the registrants started prenatal care during the first or second trimester; 84 percent of the registrants completed care in the project; OB access mothers had a low-birth-weight rate of 4.7 percent, compared with 7.0 percent for a matched control group, suggesting a 33-percent reduction in low birth weight through the project; and the benefit-cost ratio of this program was about 2 to 1 for the short run because of savings in neonatal intensive care services. The State of California approved legislation in 1984 authorizing the project's scope of services for the Medi-Cal recipients on a statewide basis.
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Health Services Accessibility : Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care) : California : Data Collection : Female : Human : Infant, Low Birth Weight : Infant, Newborn : Medicaid/economics : Pilot Projects : Pregnancy : Prenatal Care/economics
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