CMS Program Statistics

2015 Medicare Sections

The Medicare sections contain tables on Medicare enrollment, utilization, and expenditures as well as Medicare-certified institutional and non-institutional providers.  Tables will be posted as they become finalized.  The Medicare tables are organized in sections and can be downloaded and viewed separately.

06/07/18 UPDATE:

The CMS Program Statistics tables in this section have been updated to reflect changes to the source data from the Chronic Conditions Data Warehouse (CCW). Medicare enrollment information, previously sourced from the CMS Enrollment Database (EDB), was updated to the CMS Common Medicare Environment (CME). The CME has improved the identification of Medicare Part B enrollment and also allows for more timely release of beneficiary enrollment data. For additional information on the change in source data from the EDB to the CME, please visit

In addition, utilization information in the CCW was updated using a new CMS final action algorithm for improved selection of final Medicare claims. The updated final action logic does not have a significant impact on overall claim counts or Medicare payment amounts.

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