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2015 Medicaid Drug Spending Dashboard

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2015 Medicaid Drug Spending Dashboard

The 2015 Medicaid Drug Spending Dashboard is an online interactive tool that presents drug spending and utilization information on covered outpatient prescription drugs paid for by State Medicaid agencies.

To create this dashboard, CMS identified 70 drugs using 2015 national-level drug utilization data for covered outpatient drugs paid for by State Medicaid agencies.  Products have been selected based on the following criteria: the drug is ranked in the top 25 in terms of total program spending; the drug is associated with a high annual per prescription fill based on claims data analyses (i.e., greater than $1000 per prescription fill) and is ranked in the top 25 by overall program spending (and not already selected by the prior criterion); or the drug is ranked among the top 20 high unit cost increases (and not already selected by either of the prior two criteria).  For additional information on the selection criteria, please see the detailed methodology document available via the link below.

For all drugs included in the tool, CMS displays relevant spending, utilization, and trend data and also includes consumer-friendly information on the product descriptions, manufacturer(s), and clinical indications. CMS is prohibited from publicly disclosing drug-specific information on manufacturer rebates thus the data used to select Medicaid prescription drugs do not reflect any manufacturers’ rebates or other price concessions.


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Access the Detailed Methodology Document here.

Download the full underlying data in Excel here.

For more information, please see our Fact Sheet.

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