Medicaid Drug Spending Dashboard

Medicaid Drug Spending Dashboard

The Medicaid Drug Spending Dashboard is an interactive, web-based tool that presents spending information for Medicaid drugs - drugs paid through the Medicaid program. Medicaid drug data represent national-level drug utilization data for covered outpatient drugs paid for by State Medicaid agencies.

The Dashboard focuses on average spending per dosage unit and change in average spending per dosage unit over time. Units refer to the drug unit in the lowest dispensable amount. The tool also displays spending information for manufacturer(s) of the drugs as well consumer-friendly information of drug uses and clinical indications.

Drug spending metrics for Medicaid represent the total amount reimbursed by both Medicaid and non-Medicaid entities to pharmacies for the drug. Medicaid drug spending contains both the Federal and State Reimbursement and is inclusive of any applicable dispensing fees. In addition, this total is not reduced or affected by Medicaid rebates paid to the states.

Additional drug metrics and the most recent five years of data are available for download in Excel.

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